French art de vivre

French Cliché

French people are really into small things in life. They love culture, dining out, shopping and museums. France is a country of festivals, friendship and sharing. But you better experience yourself!

Eating all together!

In France, the art of living is first and foremost about eating well. Ranked as a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage, the fame of French cuisine comes from the many chefs who have been able to translate their expertise abroad. Pastries, baked goods, traditional recipes, exceptional wines and culinary curiosities: each region has its own specialties. Don't hesitate to try them and surprise your plate.

France, l'élégante

France is a worldwide display case of high and off-the-rack fashion. French people pays attention to their appearance. There are innumerable opportunities to window shop when strolling through French cities. Designer boutiques, second-hand shops, department stores and international brands: there's something for everyone and for all budgets.

Cultural tradition

Do you like exhibitions, concerts, theatre and goint to cinema? Us too!

In France, there is a very deep cultural offer. In summer, festivals spring up throughout the country: an ideal way to discover culture and friendship à la française. French cultural creations (films, plays, painting, etc.) are also a window on the country's famous art of living.

Dolce Vita

For the French, the art of living is first and foremost the art of enjoying yourself. Any occasion is the right time to go out. Like, for example,Bastille Day, on the 14th July, when there are the traditional firemen's balls. Earlier, in June, Fête de la Musique scatters concerts about the streets. You can also discover férias in South-West of France, Beaujolais Nouveau evenings and Nuit Blanche: every reason is a good one for getting together, mingle and having fun.