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European Union(s), an exhibition about Erasmus diversity

  • Ireland
from 13 August
  • European Union-s exhibition opening
  • European Union-s exhibition opening
All audiences
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To celebrate the 30 years of the Erasmus programme, the French Embassy together with the Higher Education Authority, 12 Embassies from the EU and the European representation in Ireland are pleased to launch "European Union(s)", a photo exhibition highlighting the human successes of the Erasmus programme.

Since its inception 30 years ago, the Erasmus programme has enabled over 9 million students from all over Europe to travel, study and discover other member state of the European Union.

Each year, the Erasmus programme allows countless young Europeans to discover the cultures and countries of their European neighbours.


A photo exhibition celebrating Europe’s diversity

To celebrate this diversity of exchanges, the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs launched "European Union(s)", a photo exhibition highlighting the diverse journeys undertaken within the European Union by multicultural families who met through the Erasmus programme.

From a gaelic football game in Dublin to cross-country skiing in Oslo or a bicycle trip in Munich, these 22 portraits represent the daily life of these multicultural families within their European environment.

Through its action in favour of education, training, youth and sport, the Erasmus programme gives a face to the European Union, that of a diversity of cultures and personal paths who each year discover each other and contribute to strengthen European solidarity.

The exhibition "European Union(s)" was first presented in the Gare Montparnasse in Paris. Adapted to mobile frames with the support of the Embassy of France in Ireland, the Higher Education Authority of Ireland, 12 Embassies of EU countries as well as the European representation in Ireland this exhibition in St Stephen’s Green Parc, Dublin 2 till July 30 before travelling around Ireland.

A French version of the portraits will also be exposed from July 5 on the walls of the French café La Cocotte in the Alliance Française Dublin on 1 Kildare Street.

Hope you will enjoy this powerful exhibition!