Stefany, Ireland

Tell us a bit about yourself!
I am Venezuelan/Italian studying in Ireland for 4 years already. I took a gap year from college and I went to live in the south of France to learn French for 7 months. Over there I was living with 3 French students from Centrale Marseille and I spent such an amazing time that by the end of my experience many people thought I was a regular student.

Why did you choose France? 
Learning a new language was one of my goals, and French was definitely one of the ones in my list. 

What are the outcomes from your study programme in France and international experience?
Amazing experience, Learning a new language, Friendships that will last for a life time.  

Your favorite word in French?

We hope you enjoyed your French culture shock! Any memorable cultural fact, experience?
I had the opportunity to integrate new students last year. 

The soundtrack of your stay in France?
La Farigoule Fanfare (Brass band from Centrale Marseille)

Have you brought back a French souvenir with you?
The school news paper and many photos.

Any French habit you have kept?
I can't stop eating cheese!!  

Where is your next destination?
Hopefully France again!

Share with us your motto!
Life starts at the end of your comfort zone.