Do you want to live on our own ? Do you want to share a flat with other people or do you prefer to rent a room in french family's house ? The choice is yours !

Looking for accommodation while you are still in Ireland can be quite difficult : you won't be able to visit properties and it would be hard to persuade a property owner to let you sign a rental contract or convince him that you have someone who will guarantee payment of your rent.

The best solution is to find temporary housing for your first few weeks in France. You can thus have time to visit rooms or flats. Contact the International Affairs Office of the university to know where you can temporary stay at your arrival.

When you arrive in France, you have several choices to find a place.  You can rent either a room in the university's residence, find a flatsharing or rent a room in an owner's house.

Rent a room in the university's residence

You can try to find a room in the university residence (contact the CNOUS of the city you are going to). Most of the time, the rooms are reserved for recipients of French government scholarships and students participating in exchange programs but if they have rooms left, they might be able to rent you one.

Find a flatsharing or individual renting

Here is a little help to decipher property ad.

Rent a room in an owner's house

Renting a room in an owner's house could be a good way to find accommodation for a reasonable price and to speak french with native speakers. You can also find ads on the Lokaviz website.