Some allowances exist to help you pay your accommodation.

Aide Personnalisée au logement (APL) or Allocation logement à caractère social (ALS)

APL is an allowance reserved to the accomodation which have a agreement with the state.

ALS is an allowance for other accomodations, subject to conditions. 

The maximal amount of theses allowances is 200 euros per month.

To find out if you are entitled for this allowance, go to the CAF website.


Aides Loca-Pass

This financial help is aimed to help the students who are working or who have a grant. Loca-Pass will lend you money (up to 2300 euros) for free. This interest-free loan is repayable in 36 monthly payments. You can not refund less than 15 euros each month.

This help also guarantees to pay the rent if you have any financial issue. In return, you commit to pay the advanced amounts back.