Student-support services at institutions of higher education : French universities, Clusters and Postsecondary schools are at your service.

Arriving in a new country can be stressful. For this reason, many institutions have set up systems to support newly arrived students. The features of those systems vary but often include an airport pickup, reserved housing, individualized guidance, tutoring, and instruction in French as a foreign language. By offering such support, France's PRES, universities, and schools endeavor to be at your service.

The Campus France catalogue provides descriptions of international support services at every institution that offers them. Click here to learn more about support services offered by French institutions of higher education.

You will find some important points to keep in mind below:

Confirming your registration in a university

Mandatory for all students. A registration in a French higher education institution is annual and individual. The process is the same in every university.

In uni, final registration is made of two steps:

Administrative registration

This registration process ends up in the issuance of your student card. This is where you have the opportunity to register to Student Health Security, choose a students' mutual insurance plan and pay your education fees. Check out your university website to find out about dates and requirements regarding this step.

Courses registration

The next step of registration is for teaching and exams validation: you will have the opportunity to choose your options and organise your study year.

In other higher education institutions

Other institutions decide what process their registration process will follow. Students are notified prior to departure. Be very careful about materials asked, original documents are often mandatory.