Campus Channel enables you to ask all the questions that you could have to a French institution of Higher Education ON LIVE.

Differents live sessions where you can interact with universities are organized.

If you have missed one session, do not worry! They are recorded so you can replay the interviews and see the questions that have been asked.


You have a platform for French students. If you feel confortable enough to speak French, you can log on to the French platform and ask your questions in French.

Here are the upcoming sessions

10 December at 6.30pm (Irish time): EM Strasbourg and ESC Rennes Business School

11 December at 5pm (Irish time): EMLyon Business school

11 December at 6.30pm (Irish time): Ecole d'Ingénieur de PURPAN (Engineering School)

12 December at 5pm (Irish time): ESTRI (School of Translation and International Relations)

13 December at 5pm (Iirsh time): Ecole de Bois (School of Wood Engineering)



You also have a platform for international students. You can thus ask your questions in English.

Here are the upcoming sessions

18 December at noon and at 2pm (Irish time): ESSEC Business school

24 January at noon (Irish time): Toulouse Business school



- click on the session you are interested in

- if you do not want to forget it, click on Alert me. They will email you to remind you of the session

- if you would like to ask a question, click on Interrogate