This is the second Campus France survey by TNS Sofres on the image and attractiveness of France among foreign students.
appeal, Dublin

Two years after the first survey, Campus France publishes the results of the "Baromètre" (survey) carried out by TNS Sofres on the image and attractiveness of France among foreign students. Again, particularly thanks to the help from members of the Forum and the Campus France Spaces who helped transfer the survey, over 20,000 students throughout the world agreed to give their opinion.
Three social groups of students have answered the survey from July to October 2013: one for students who wish to come to France (or are just discovering France), one that is currently studying and one that has finished its study stay.
Among the main teachings of this study, France stays an attractive destination, despite an increased competition (45% of the students who wish to come to France have hesitated with another country, which represents a 5-points increase compared to the previous study). The three main reasons to choose France are the quality of the teaching, the French language practice and the cultural interest for the country. In fact, the Francophonie (French language promotion in France and abroad) and the higher education offer a double benefit: students choose France to practice French or because they're interested in French language and at the same time their stay improves their language level and maintains friendly and professional ties with France. Finally, this study allow to measure what Campus France brings in the choice of France as a destination for studies.
This survey allows to identify the changes compared to 2011 and brings in new answers to questions such the impact that could have had the Guéant memorandum or the importance for foreign students of the French greeting. Find out the results in the Documents section
Campus France thanks all students who agreed to answer.